The World Challenge Etappe 7

From Cape Town to Amsterdam

September 24 to ~ November 5, 2022

Start in Cape Town, South Africa.
Finish in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

What is The World Challenge?

During The World Challenge we go on a world trip with our own car. Every year we visit a different continent. In 2014 we started in Amsterdam – and drove east to Oman. In the years that followed we drove from:

2015 : From Mumbai (India), to Tokyo (Japan).
2016 : From Anchorage (Alaska), to Panama (Panama).
2017 : From Quito (Ecuador) to Buenos Aires (Argentina).
2018 : From Perth (Australia) to Hobart (Tasmania).
2019 : From Dar es Salaam (Tanzania) to Cape Town (South Africa).

We will conclude our adventure in 2022. With the most extreme Challenge to date.

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The essence

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South Africa & Botswana

The start is at the Cape of Good Hope and we first stay in Stellenbosch before heading north. Then we head towards the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. We drive into Botswana from the south and visit the Kalahari Desert and the Okavango Delta.

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Namibia & Angola

We drive into Namibia from the east. Via the coast we drive through the dunes towards Angola. Dine driving takes days, but we do have good accommodation. In Angola we are forced to camp. In the north, the dunes give way to rainforest.

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Congo, Gabon, Cameroon & Nigeria

It goes without saying, safety is paramount during the seventh stage of The World Challenge. Countries such as Congo, Cameroon and Nigeria do not have a good reputation. However, this is not entirely justified because it is currently possible to travel safely through these countries. We use reliable (local) contacts to constantly monitor the situation.

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West Africa, Mauritania and Morocco

We are still working out the route from Benin. As soon as we can share more information, we will of course! The inspection trip of the seventh stage of The World Challenge is scheduled for early 2022.