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    CarChallenge has a reputation to keep up when it comes to monster trips. From Amsterdam to Singapore, from Paramaribo to Lima, straight through the Amazon and over the Andes mountains to the most southern city in the world, crossing all the deserts in Australia, or straight through Russia to Tokyo. A challenge all about driving. And yes, in your own car! 

    Jan Willem Koudstaal, founder of CarChallenge, maps out the routes, drives them all himself first and then creates a real Challenge. Jan Willem was born in The Netherlands but travels around the world a large part of the year, a world citizen with Dutch roots. He looks for exceptional routes for a Challenge, and for challenges that are not necessarily obvious. It comes down to being creative and inventive. Enjoying the most beautiful places on earth, being surprised about the exceptional cultures, visiting places tourists will never find, that is what the Challenge is all about.

    A Challenge roams areas that are not immediately obvious. The world’s most desolate places such as Siberia, the Outback, the Amazon, the Andes mountains or the inland of Mongolia are beaten. Sometimes a Challenge means being in the bush for 3 days, the Outback, the mountains or in the desert and afterwards cleaning up and regaining strength in an exceptionally comfortable accommodation.In short, a Challenge is an experience that grows on you. An experience you will never forget and many participants are in for more!This distinguishes CarChallenge from a pleasure ride, we consciously choose for a challenge and leave only the driving on asphalt to others… You can take part in a Challenge with a (4x4) car or, if you really dare, a convertible...

  • To whom it may concern?


    CarChallenge is for everyone who loves driving. A participant doesn't mind driving long and extraordinary roads. Coming across different countries, cultures and climates is something that is included in every Challenge. 

  • People behind CarChallenge


    Founder of CarChallenge Jan Willem Koudstaal, imagines, prepares and guides the trips. 

    Jan Willem during tropical rainfall in French Guiana

  • Our mission statement


    To offer several forms of car adventure. We wish to emphasize on creating a personal and positive story for every participant. 

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